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Championship Volleyball Camps

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2020 Summer Camps & Clinics
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Dear Volleyball Enthusiasts:

"We are looking forward to Championship volleyball camps for 2020. Our camps, which are held on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University, are each geared toward a different area of development. Individual Skills Camp is designed to fine tune the basics which are so important to the game of volleyball and focus on basic skill development. Team Camp focuses on how all of the pieces fit together as teams work toward a common goal.  Advanced Camp helps campers take their game to another level by implementing advanced skills that are required.  Training will be similar to a college practice so players can get an idea of the expectations, as they play high level volleyball.  Position clinics provide specific training for setters, liberos, and both pin and middle hitters.  In addition to lots of volleyball, other exciting activities will complete your camp experience.

No matter what your age, Championship Volleyball Camps has something for you.  Come join us as we have a great time improving our skills!"

Coach Debbie Humphreys

Camp Information

*I know there have been a lot of questions regarding summer camps for 2020.  We had been waiting on the NCAA to make a decision regarding the dead period and unfortunately, they extended that through the end of July.  What that means is that we cannot bring any students on campus who have already started classes for their freshman year in high school.  All students who have completed their freshman, sophomore, or junior year in high school are NOT allowed to attend our summer camps in July.  
(This rule is in effect for all Division 1 universities.)  

*We will host a Team Camp and our Skills Clinics on Aug. 1-2, 2020, assuming the dead period is allowed to expire at the end of July.  This camp will be for high school aged campers only.

*We CAN have students who have not yet started classes for their 9th grade year and those dates are listed below.


Youth Camp #1 Thursday & Friday, July 9-10 Cost = $150
Youth Camp #2  Monday & Tuesday, July 13-14 Cost = $150

Youth Camp #1:  Thursday & Friday, July 9-10, 2020

Youth Camp #2:  Monday & Tuesday, July 13-14, 2020

Below is information about our upcoming camps.  Please look over carefully & discuss these parameters with your child before coming to camp.  Anyone who doesn't follow these guidelines will be sent home immediately.  We are looking forward to working with your child and plan on them having a really fun experience.  I know we could all use that, after seeing so many activities canceled over the past few months!

8:45 a.m.         Staff ready for drop off in parking lot by Big Gym & Beach Facility

                        You can enter this lot by turning north onto Raguet off of Starr Ave.

                        Parents will drive through to drop off:  DO NOT let your kid out of the car until you make it to the front of the line for drop off!

                        Make sure they have registered on-line

                        What is their lunch plan? (Leaving or sack lunch?)

                        Take Temperature – Campers only may enter facility

                        *Parents should pick up in the same place

9-11:30 a.m.    Morning Session

11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.     Lunch Break & Movie

                        Some will leave w/ parents; Others will bring sack lunch

1-3:30 p.m.      Afternoon Session

3:30 p.m.         Pickup in same parking lot


*All paperwork will be completed on-line ahead of time   (No paperwork on site; no money changing hands)

*Lunch break

            -Campers who bring their own lunch & will spread out around the gym to eat & watch a movie.

            -Other campers will be picked up by their parents to go to lunch

             -They will have another temperature check when they return to campus

*Water:  Campers should bring their own water bottle, clearly marked with their name

*Towels:  Campers will provide their own towel if necessary

*Cleaning Facility & Equipment

            -Balls & equipment will be disinfected after each session

            -Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the gym

*Kids will be picked up the same way they were dropped off

            -Parents won’t be entering the facility

Application for Camp Special Accommodations
If special accommodations for individuals with disabilities are needed that can be provided by this program, please contact the camp director.